Mike Wirsch (www.mikewirsch.com) is a writer, performer, improviser, trombonist, former Korean denizen, and genuine human being. 
His plays, The Journeymen and Womyn With a Y and The Curse of the Babywoman, have been performed in New York City and San Antonio. Currently he is working on a production of a musical titled In the Giants’ Soup, along with co-writer and Good Catch teammate Kirk Stevens.
Mike performs with Olivia Hartle as half of Tony Danza’s Thought-a-Day Calendar; functions as the Astoria Food Critic (www.astoriafoodcritic.com); acts as Artistic Associate for BIG Theatre Company (www.bigtheatre.org) and generally experiments within the realm of the arts. He tweets at least once a month: @Mikewirsch. He also made this video that is full of terrible puns.